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With a complete rental equipment inventory and one of the most comprehensive Audio and Lighting services in Ireland, Spain AV ensure the success of our customers’ most important shows, meetings and events. Call us now to speak to our friendly staff.



Whether it is the high pressure of Concert and broadcast audio, busy corporate or theatre shows or straight down the line rock n’roll; Spain AV will provide the equipment and staff to suit your needs.




Spain AV will coordinate all of your audio, lighting, AV and technology needs; including staff, equipment and stage management.



Chosen with our clients needs in mind, we have found that the dLive s7000 is flexible enough to tackle any mixing challenge that they may face.

Whether its the high track count of concert and broadcast audio, busy corporate and theatre shows or straight down the line rock n'roll requiring instant feedback and results; the s7000 with its dual 12" touchscreens, 36 faders, and six assignable one-knob/one-function rotary controls provide the engineer with an at-a-glance visual feedback and immediate hands-on control over their mix.

Using the S7000 is extremely intuitive thanks to its easily assignable inputs, clearly named virtual scribble strips, and customizable SoftKeys. 


A quick glance at the console tells you everything you need to know. Despite the incredible arsenal of functions available, you won't find yourself lost in complex menus. You don't need to adapt to a different way of working to mix on the S7000.


Its layout is completely customizable so you can create a mixing interface that matches the way you like to work. Every input or mix can be assigned to every bank and/or layer. All inputs and mixes can be clearly named and color-coded and here's is the best bit, the S7000's screens remain clearly visible in sunny outdoor venues.


The flexibility of input and output formats is unsurpassed too using the Waves and Dante cards for recording and virtual soundcheck. We've found that the dLive system is flexible enough to tackle any mixing situation. The s7000 has a natural open sound. Its high-resolution processing has an incredible depth to it, all of which is clearly evident in the FOH mix as well as in the monitor mix.


The Allen & Heath s7000 and dm 64 mix rack is available now from Spain AV.Contact us directly  @

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